Poly CA22CD, Plantronics CA12CD-S, What’s the Difference

The new Poly CA22CD vs. Plantronics CA12CD-S.  What’s the difference?

VS Poly CA22CD-SC PTT Wireless Adapter Single Channel (no return)

Poly recently the new CA22CD PTT adapters, replacing the old outdated CA-12CD-S that is commonly used and know for dispatchers and aviation controllers. With the new and improved design of the base comes with some mayor changes that we will mention ahead.

The Old CA12CD-S has an encryption DECT of 64 bit, while the new CA22Cd now has a higher DECT encryption of 256-bit, which meets the highest DECT security Step C, meaning that has an approved Military grade, making it more secure to use in aviation and mission critical products groups. Giving peace of mind and with a rant of up to 100 feet, crystal clear audio quality fine tuned for voice communications.

The new and freshly base unit design is welcomed with more intuitive volume controls and better location of the LEDs for power battery charge status and PTT. The CA22CD as the old CA12CD-S comes with an additional battery that fits well in the base unit and keeps it charged and ready to be replaced. Poly CA22CD-SC PTT Wireless Adapter Single Channel (no return)

An advantage of the CA22CD is that dispatchers still can use their old H-Series Headsets, making it an easier transition from the old one to the new one. Plantronics HW520 EncorePro Noise Canceling Binaural Headset HACYou can get them HERE.

Now the CA22CD come in 2 versions, the CA22CD-SC that is a single channel and the natural replacement of the CA12CD-S, which comes PJ-7 connector as the one that it replaces and allows you to use the QD headsets from Poly. And now it comes with CA22CD-DC, which is a Dual Rx Channel configuration unit. The CA22CD-DC can work as a single channel as well, and it only works with Poly’s Dual Channel Headsets, as it has a special connection TA6FLX connection QD. Get this special headset HERE.

Plantronics HW261N-DC SupraPlus Dual Channel Headset TA6MLAnother improvement over the old unit is the new USB capability, the base now comes with a micro USB port on the back and can be plugged into a computer via USB-A using the optional USB adapter that can be ordered HERE. This is a great improvement as now less parts are required to use it with a computer like the old model it replaces, and on top of that one of the features of this new addition is the serialized USB “friendly name” (programmed at the factory) for easy identification of multiple CA22CDs connected to the same host PC.

A new improvement over the last model is the the new PTT latency improved and reduced to now only 36 milliseconds, which users gratefully will appreciate it. A key feature now found in the new unit is the secure‐voice operation (programmed at the factory), in which the microphone is muted by default until the PTT button is pressed, so no need to program it and ready to simply plug and play. Poly CA22CD-DC PTT Wireless Adapter Dual Channel (no return)

Order your new CA12CD-SC single channel headset PTT adapter HERE.

Or if need to get your CA22CD-DC dual channel headset adapter click HERE and get your TA6ML dual channel headset HERE.

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